Monday, July 18, 2005


Angelina burst into the office this morning and announced that her 10-year-old son had come home from summer school Friday complaining that his teacher had tried to strangle him.

Sadly, given what I know of the Houston school system, this actually didn't surprise me much. The great part of this story is that she called up Channel 13 and got them to agree to an interview. She left work early this afternoon to meet them outside her son's school (where he's been placed in another teacher's class).

Sure enough, I flipped on the 6:00 news when I got home and there the story was, complete with reporter commentary about "pending investigations" voiced over looped footage of Angelina's son making a googly-eyed strangling motion on himself.

Unfortunately I won't get to congratulate Angelina tomorrow on her local news fame -- seems our "lowball" scheme backfired a bit. Me and the other two temps had agreed to input about 60 surveys apiece per day. From the looks of the three mailtrays overflowing with stacked yellow surveys, we figured we'd secured our employment for two to three weeks, easy. But apparently our supervisor was under fire to get this project done and she was none too pleased with our dismal performance last week while she was out.

So this morning (as the three of us were sitting idly at our computers waiting for someone to log us in -- why would we have actively searched out the IT guy?), a handful of regular staffers stormed our room and snatched most of our surveys, eyeing us disdainfully. (The IT guy showed up shortly afterwards, having been alerted by the staffers, I'm sure. I guess I would have hated on the lazy temps too if I were in their shoes.) The staffers worked on the project all day and the surveys were finished by the afternoon.

And so ends my do-si-do with the Houston Rodeo. Oh well. I had my big purse with me today, so I stopped by the free Dasani/soda fridge on my way out and stocked up.